The Fueling Division of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

History behind the UVair Fuel Program

Back in 1981, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. founder Tom Evans had the vision for a new service program to facilitate general and business aviation fueling needs abroad. The UVair® Fuel Program, and later the UVair Fueling Card, were initiated to provide credit and secured jet fuel services through a contract program. At the time of its inception, this type of program – let alone credit and jet fuel uplift confirmations – were basically nonexistent. Flight crews needed to travel with large sums of money just to ensure aviation fuel needs would be covered, particularly in the international arena.

The UVair Fuel Program was initially launched at five international locations (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Le Bourget, and Madrid), and in the first month had about 10-15 jet fuel uplifts. The savings offered to clients were considerable – 25 to 50 cents per gallon, with aviation fuel credit and confirmation assured. In the months that followed, aviation fuel uplifts rapidly grew, and soon Universal® was authorizing 30-50 aviation fuel uplifts per day through the UVair Fuel Program.

For its first few years of operation, UVair was the only program providing contract fuel to general aviation. Soon the concept caught on and other providers started launching their own contract fuel programs. As popularity in the program continued to grow, UVair expanded its locations and increased its number of jet fuel suppliers each month to reach today’s worldwide location acceptance.

UVair today

Today, the UVair Fueling Card is carried not only by general and business aviation professionals, but also by heads of state, military, and commercial carriers of many nations. More than 19,500 cardholders take advantage of the acceptance and savings they receive through the program at over 5,000 card-accepting locations worldwide, and they enjoy the benefits of having access to a team of dedicated aviation fuel specialists working on their behalf.