Start Accepting the UVair Fueling Card at Your FBO

Increase your business with the power of a global leader in aircraft fuel services.

The UVair® Fueling Card gives its more than 19,500 cardholders preferred pricing on Jet-A fuel and the flexibility of acceptance throughout our worldwide network. To accomplish this, we rely on FBOs like yours to provide clients with world-class service and easy card acceptance. In turn, we deliver the tools you need to help your business grow.

Making your business easier

Accepting the UVair Fueling Card is an easy way to enhance customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and improve efficiency.

  • Offer your customers the convenience of paying with UVair
  • Guaranteed payment on all UVair transactions, backed by Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.*

Growing your traffic

Becoming a UVair-supported FBO gives you more than increased traffic potential. We provide sales and marketing support, as well as access to the wide-ranging resources of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. – everything you need to make your business a success, including:

  • Attract traffic from a growing pool of over 19,500 UVair cardholders
  • Dedicated fuel sales teams focused on increasing total uplift volumes through UVair-accepting locations worldwide
  • Inclusion in aviation fuel price listings provided to clients over the phone and online
  • Marketing exposure through

Getting started

UVair’s sales department is experienced, professional, and personable, working 24/7 to provide the best service available to clients, FBOs, and fuel vendors alike. First, we work with you to answer questions and negotiate an agreement that fits your business. Next, we provide ongoing support. Your FBO will receive exposure in a variety of promotional materials and listings – from brochures and service briefs to We’ll even help you staff special events and meet sales goals.

In addition, our sales team works directly with UVair cardholders to negotiate fuel pricing for each trip. The team also works with Universal® Trip Support Services to recommend FBOs along trip routes, directing more traffic to your location. And when trips are complete, we guarantee that you will be paid in a timely manner.

As a UVair-supported FBO, you can expect the best in service, sales, and promotion – all supported by Universal, a global leader in business aviation services.

Ready to get started? Contact us about accepting the UVair Fueling Card at your FBO.

* UVair is the fueling division of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.