Welcome to savings! | UVair®

Welcome to savings!

Your total Jet-A solution,
whatever your aircraft’s size

With the UVair® Fuel Program from Universal, you’ll find a total Jet-A solution, whatever your aircraft’s size. And, you can feel secure you aren’t overpaying for fuel.

Save on jet fuel purchases
Pay no extra fees

UVair offers competitive, all-inclusive discount jet fuel pricing with no annual or hidden fees.

One invoice that combines
all ground services

All ground services and fuel purchases are paid with one card, detailed on one invoice.*

Reassuring 24/7 expert assistance

Our fuel specialists are here 24/7 to provide you fuel price estimates, arrange uplifts, and help you get the most your of your card wherever you fly.

Worldwide acceptance and recognition

UVair is accepted and recognized at 5,000+ locations at airports worldwide.

Online fuel management

Get your current, pre-negotiated fuel pricing, find worldwide locations, request custom fuel price estimates, set up fueling, and more.

VAT-compliance and exemption support

Enroll in our VAT exemption program to receive VAT-compliant invoicing on fuel uplifts in 18 countries throughout Europe. Learn more

Mobile access

As a member of the UVair® Fuel Program, you now have access to uvGO – the comprehensive mobile trip planning resource from Universal. With uvGO, you can find any of the 5,000+ UVair® Fueling Card-accepting locations worldwide, review all-inclusive fuel price estimates, make fueling arrangements, and review fuel release information.

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Apply now to
save on jet fuel

Step 1: Request an application for the UVair Fueling Card

*Ground services cannot be included on VAT-compliant invoices for jet fuel uplifts throughout Europe.

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