Jet Fuel for Government, Military and Commercial Operators

Universal Fuels, Inc. offers jet fuel solutions for operators worldwide

Government, military, commercial, and corporate fleet clients have specialized requirements. Universal Fuels, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.) was created to handle the unique bulk fuel and handling needs for these types of operations with 24/7 service and cost-effective fueling.

Clients can expect Universal Fuels to make almost any fuel arrangement while offering convenience, personal attention, and affordability. We are responsive to commercial, cargo, government/military, and large corporate aircraft needs day and night, providing service through airports worldwide.

Comprehensive aviation fuel management

The Fuel Management Program (FMP) offered through Universal Fuels provides the information and management tools that large aircraft operators need to make intelligent jet fuel purchasing decisions.

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Benefits include:

  • Strong negotiating power – resulting in lower jet fuel prices and lower into-plane service fees
  • Flexible credit terms
  • Access to a wide variety of reports on fuel purchases and usage
    • Weekly activity reports with detailed information regarding fuel consumption
    • Monthly fuel reports by airport, aircraft registration, routes and more
    • Monthly summary of fuel purchases by supplier
    • Customized reports tailored to your requirements
  • Tax reporting, including:
    • Duty drawback
    • Free Trade Zone
    • Exclusion of U.S. Federal Excise Tax on invoices for exempt clients – Universal Fuels, Inc. is an IRS-registered Ultimate Vendor
  • 24/7 access to Universal’s network of representatives
  • 24-hour fuel dispatch available

Universal Fuels energizes suppliers

Universal Fuels serves large aircraft operators and others with specialized requirements, providing bulk fuel orders while taking the marketing and service burden off our suppliers. Working with Universal Fuels can be profitable to your organization, thanks to our service, international supplier network, and financial backing (through Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.).

Universal Fuels helps to energize suppliers by:

  • Qualification of all clients and assumption of credit risk
  • Guaranteeing prompt payment to suppliers through the financial backing of Universal Weather and Aviation
  • Confidential negotiations of commercial fuel prices
  • Actively marketing suppliers’ products to our vast client base
  • Continuously opening up new markets for suppliers by offering service in remote areas and specializing in non-scheduled aircraft
  • Leveraging our vast network of resources to provide superior services to our clients and continually growing market share for Universal Fuels and its suppliers

Whether you’re part of a flight operations team or a fuel supplier, let us show you how Universal Fuels can help your business.

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